Hello, __"Larry"________. This is  Your Name

The purpose behind my call is to introduce myself, and to see if your are open to a business opportunity that helps everyone reach their goals. I only have a few minutes so I wanted to give you this 5 minute overview http://www.BYOB365.us and my website __ABC.com_ and wanted to see if I can get back to you this evening or tomorrow to give me a a "YES" or a "NO" about reaching "YOUR GOALS".

Hello, __"Larry"________. This is  Your Name

 I saw your information on (IBO/ or I picked up your business card) You seem like a professional and a sharp business person. I only have a quick minute to talk but I wanted to share some information with you that I think as a business person you will find valuable. This is a 5 minute overview http://www.BYOB365.us and my website __ABC.com_ Please get back to me  this evening or tomorrow to give me a a "YES" or a "NO" . Either way is fine but I wanted to get you the information. 


When you call back ask them what their goals were

1) To Save More Money  in 12 Months - How much?

2) To Make More Money  in 12 Months - How much?

3) Do You Have Debt That You Want To Eliminate ? Over or under $100,000

4) Would You Like To Have More Free Time?

Let's Get You Started On Your Goals

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