Example Craigslist Post: Become a Business Owner, Opportunity To Make $200,000+ in 1 Year


Become a Business Owner, Opportunity To Make $200,000+ in 1 Year

Stop trading time for money! We believe in trading effort and performance for the income we deserve and the things we want out of life. This is a 1099 position and work for commissions and bonuses. We act like owners, because we own it!

We have an entrepreneur position available where full-time distributors can expect to make over $100,000 during their first year. Part-time positions are also available. 

This is the OPPORTUNITY for you IF:

* You are a hard worker but are stuck in a job where you cannot move up.
* You currently make a lot of money, but you have no time to enjoy it.
* You are a "people's person" and enjoy connecting with and helping others.
* You're a small business owner, but you work for your business, your business doesn't work for you.
* You've been doing the same job for years but you're looking for a change where YOU are in charge of YOUR income. 
* You want a job where you can make an impact on others, make a large income, and still have time to spend with your family. 
*  You already have an business, but your sponsor is not successful and you are aren't  given the time you as promised, or the training is sub-par. 
* You don't have a business yet, but you are willing to learn and put in sweat-equity.
* You want  to 1) Saving More Money, 2) Making More Money, 3) Getting out of Debt and/ or 4) Want Time Freedom. 

If any of these situations describe you then I encourage you to apply to learn more about the position. 
Please Review http://www.BYOB365.us then Join at  Your Website

Position Summary:

Each week we have a 30 minute training . You have access to millions of to people, independent business owners who are looking for opportunity.  Many are right in your area. 

When you start out you will work only need to work 3 to 5 hours per week. . You will call, e-mail, text  to see if others are open to 1) Saving More Money, 2) Making More Money, 3) Getting out of Debt and/ or 4) Want Time Freedom. You will send them this video http://www.BYOB365.us  and set up a 15 minute phone appointment to see if they are serious about these goals and would be willing to spend $33/m to get them. It is easy as "YES", "NO" or " They Want More Information". 


As you are building experience you begin to work towards putting a team together . You will begin to mentor other distributors and make passive residual income every time they make a sale, and their sales will help you hit higher compensation! The better the leader you are, the more passive residual  income you can achieve which will allow you to finally have that work-life balance you've always hoped for. If you are willing to work hard and have an entrepreneurial mindset then your income potential is limitless!

It All Starts Here: http://www.BYOB365.us 

If this sounds like a fit for you please give me a call. I look forward to speaking with you.

Your Name: Ted Johnson

Your Phone Number: (704)398-8522

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