Getting Started

Number-1 Choose Retail Customer or Wholesale Member

Retail Customer: Do Not Receive Commissions. All products at retail pricing.  No membership fee.  No automatic shipments.  Shipping & Handling added to total.  These one-time orders are placed through independent distributors.

Wholesale Member: Opportunity to Receive Commissions. After your monthly $33.00 per month purchase . Products available at wholesale pricing (50% savings = $16.50).  No annual membership fee   Shipping & handling free with  orders unless you are in the state of Virginia.  Free world-class replicated website for personal product orders, marketing, and business management.

(Option for Wholesale Members).   **An “Active Member” has a running active automatic shipment.  $33/m  classifies as “Active”, and optimizes potential compensation.

Number-2 Learn Our 4 Goals and 4 Steps

Get with the person who invited you for product  suggestions customized to your goals.  If you are building a business, you will want to seriously consider taking advantage of the benefits of the Power Of "2" and if you want to make $5,000 or more then you will want to master .

> Get On Weekly Conference Calls  

“The S.Y.S.T.E.M” Save Your Self Time Effort & Money
> Schedule your Personal Trainer  “Orientation Call” 704.398.8522

    Get on our Training Site: and Learn

Number-4 Distributor (Optional) 84Club

**Earn  Income ** and if you want to make $15,000 or more

**Earn Monthly Income **... To exceed your J.O.B. = Just Over Broke

Welcome to the A-Team and to the Life Unlimited Opportunity!!

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