The 12 Biggest Mistakes Network Marketers Ever Make

1. Most network marketers (amateurs) non pro's elevate 
the prospect above their own
 This is a huge mistake! 

Don't talk to your prospect as if their time is more 
precious than yours. Your time is precious and that
 person must qualify for your time.
It should be a privilege to be on your team. 

2. They try to  convince instead of attract. They say things like 
"I know you would really be good at this". Don't act like you 
need them. You are looking for people who are looking for you. 
You want them to be attracted to your positivity. 
You are looking for leaders not needers.
They must be coachable. I don't convince!!
I am looking for people who are looking for me. 

3. Most amateur network marketers talk too much. 
As soon as somebody looks like they are a little bit 
interested they talk and talk and talk. Stop Talking so much! 
The more you say the less they want to hear and vice versa.

We Have Videos for that and 

4. Most networkers try to make the opportunity sound too easy.

5. Stop trying to make people feel comfortable. 
Comfort has gotten them where they are and why they 
are broke and struggling in the first place. 
You need to make them think and challenge them. 

6. Most amateur network marketers don't use upline support. 
If you want to teach your downline to duplicate you must
 include your upline

7. Most amateur networkers send negatives downline. 
Take negatives to upline not to downline. 
Never complain to downline about anything.

8. They tell people without asking. They tell people about 
what they are interested in instead of asking the prospect 
why they are looking at the opportunity.

9. They edify the prospect instead of the upline. 
Huge, huge mistake! When introducing someone on 3 way call, 
they go on and on about how great the prospect would be 
in the business and what an awesome person is etc.
 Instead introduce the upline to the prospect and talk about 
what a great mentor and coach he is etc.

11. Amateurs look for needers instead of leaders
"This person needs to make some money needs a job 
needs my opportunity..." Don't think you can "fix" them 
with an opportunity. People are not looking for needers.
They are looking for leaders, coaches and mentors like 
the ones we have at AmazinGrape. 
If you act like you need them, you will never lead them 
and they will never follow you!

12. They don't spend enough time, energy, or effort 
promoting events. Attend and promote events and 

eventually have your own. Get on Conference Calls Weekly 

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