I got a statement and a question 

There's a lot of money being made in digital commerce and you are already participating in it.

The question is... Do you want to profit from it???

You have probably noticed that online social networking sites like Facebook

and YouTube are growing at an astonishing rate.

How we interact, communicate and do business with one another is changing 

One ERA and business has ended and another one has begun.

At the forefront of this revolution is a progressive team of entrepreneurs that

have not only challenged the rules of the marketplace but are also breaking

old paradigms by developing a very simple strategy to capitalize on these markets and social trends.

This team has positioned themselves to offer a business model

that is successful to anybody who seeks financial gain through a personal


Let's face it for most people staying ahead of the game isn't

getting easier... However many never attempt to go out on their own because of concern over time, money, lack of experience and other risks. 

Through this business model these concerns normally associated with traditional business have been replaced with revenue sharing, mentorship, time compounding, and satisfaction guarantees .

Since this presentation offers only a glimpse of what is taking place.                                          

You'll need to Review a short 5 minute video series http://www.BYOB365.us and attend a 30 minute info session Thursday Night: http://advanced.ning.com/forum/topics/conference-call-thursday-s-at... ( Conference Call Thursday's at 5:00 PST, 7:00 CST , 8:00 EST - Dial-in Number:  (712) 770-4010 Access Code: 792374)  that will show you how revenue is generated.

This will also detailed for you the profit potential; allow you to meet key players on the team and most importantly answer questions.

Let me outline some basic elements for you about the business model that will be covered at the seminar.

-Time leveraging 

- partnering with Mentors 

- Immediate gross profit

- Residual Income 

- Overrides

- Compensation

- 4 Goals & 4 Steps

- Lock In Concept

and finally a business plan


This business model is about the power of digital commerce.. 

"An established infrastructure"

The excitement of Personal Entrepreneurship combined with the influence of social networking 

Now let me ask you did you connect with any of these concepts???

If so... You'll want to attend the next info session

This is where more specifics and details will be shared

Remember this is only exploratory at this point no one business concept or

team is right for everyone

This team is looking for like-minded people who want more out of life and ...

More Importantly ... Are ready to do something about it !!!!

I'm sure you know the power of a team and the excitement of being a part of something very special... Maybe even a bit radical

Who knows this could be the start of something big for you. 

This is those who are willing to Dedicate Themselves ... To Improve Their Lives and For The Lives of Their Families. Will You Take the next Step

Get Back To The Person That Sent You This Video and Say... " I Want More Information".

*AmazinGrape*Learn How To Get To The Top* 

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