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Get a domain name :; http://www.domaindiscover.com 

*Please remember to keep it simple Examples:,,,, ,,

You can also use your phone number

Note: Short domains work better when telling someone

Be Professional : Having a uniquie domain name is important. Never put a replicated website name on a business card / Only Put Your Domain Name on the business card

1) Join our Training site: and

Fill Out Your Goal Sheet:

Below is an example of how to fill it out. 

Please fill this out within 3 days of joining

send to:

2) Never buy any ads on IBO Toolbox You can call and talk to people and ask them if they are  open to receiving information

A) Blogs are called Press Releases (PR Tool) on this platform

B) Post to the wall

Remember to ask Questions About Their Goals  and/or 

and if they are willing to do our 4 steps to accomplish "THEIR GOALS"

Get Free Leads and market your business for Free

Post Free Press Releases, Post to the Wall, and call associates. Never Pay For Ads

Stop Burning Money On Ads that Don't Work

3) Thursday& Tuesday Night weekly Conference Call


4) Craigslist - Under Community  Post on events  - then (event / class) I'm advertising a class or training session / I'm advertising an event, other than the above /

or (community then groups)  

   Please adhere to their rules - Do not post under jobs

5) Phone and E-mail scripts -

6) Recruiting Video : and  and/or 

7) Business Cards :  


The Industry of Opportunity - Network Marketing

Follow up with your website

Real Residual Income

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