Hello, and Welcome To the AmazinGrape Opportunity!

Hello, and Welcome To the AmazinGrape Opportunity!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule
to take a look at one of the most exciting opportunities
in the home based business industry.
AmazinGrape was officially launched in 2005
The Company is Located in North Carolina.
The Owner's name is Paul Hopkins
We are in the Health and Wellness Industry

The Health and Wellness Business is...
"The next trillion dollar industry globally!"

You can Join AmazinGrape for ONLY $33/m in (1) Retail Purchase.
This gives you access to buy additional products at 50% off.

As a Distributor You get for you $33/m...
1) A Business
2) A Website with back office and
3) (1) Wellness Product
FREE Shipping  (anywhere in the USA) tax if applicable

Each Distributor will receive the Greatest Experience!
The Best Customer Service! The Best Quality Nutrition!

Our Company is built on Quality Products, relationships

strengthen connections and Opportunity!

That is what makes AmazinGrape Different.
We are always looking to build better ways to
develop our brand.

Our mission and  reputation for unmatched products, quality, and service
for our customers and Great opportunity for our distributors.

How does it work?
Simply sign up for your own personal online e-commerce store
people go to your online store select a our AmazinGrape Ultra-Premium
Muscadine Grape Skin and Seed Whole Food Herbal Supplement
and then check out.

They can choose to order as a Customer with a  Single Order
or they can order as A Distributor and Earn Residual Income
With both orders there is FREE Shipping  (anywhere in the USA) tax if applicable
Next you will receive a confirmation that you just received a Customer or Distributor order.
You can also log into your back office at any time to check your stats in commission.
AmazinGrape  will deliver their product to their Mail Box
and  as an active AmazinGrape Distributor you will receive commission
every sale from your store every time your customer returns to your store
or when your active Distributors pay monthly
You do not have to collect money or stock products.

You don't have to have employees or huge overheads such as payroll, rent, or inventory.
You can work at home make your own hours
You have unlimited income potential have ongoing support and training
You don't have to buy expensive products or host parties

That is the AmazinGrape opportunity
You might be asking yourself can I do this our business/

You simply Ask People are they concerned about their health
and /  or they Open to Opportunities. Our business is very simple

If they are interested in their health only you send them to your website.

If they are interested in the opportunity and health.
There are 4 Questions to must ask them about their Goals in the Next 12 Months
1) Would you like to Save More Money ?
2) Make More Money?
3) Have Debt Freedom? or
4) Time Freedom

We have 4 Steps for Success
1) Get Started for $33/m
2) Get Trained
3) Find 2 or more People
4) Duplicate
Learn our LockIn... That is when your commissions are greater than
your monthly payment and we are able to take your monthly payment
out of those commissions. Learn It, then Teach It!

You can do your business online or offline. Right in your home town.

Now let's look at the compensation plan.
There are several ways you can earn commission
residual income and overrides.

1st Order Bonuses
#1 - Personal sales of customers -
        You Earn 50%  all the products purchased through your online store

#2 - Overrides on sales of customers from your personal Distributors -
        You earn 10%

#3 - Overrides on sales of customers from your personal Distributor's  Distributors -
        You earn 5%
#4 - Personal sales of Distributors -
        You Earn 50% all the products purchased through your online store

#5 - Overrides on sales to distributors  from your personal Distributors -
        You earn 10%

#6 - Overrides on sales of distributors from your personal Distributor's  Distributors -
        You earn 5%

#7 - Monthly Residuals from our 4 By 7 Matrix Commission Structure.
Level 1 - 28%
Level 2 - 12%
Level 3 - 8%
Level 4 - 3%
Level 5 - 3%
Level 6 - 3%
Level 7 - 3 %
#8 - You get paid on the 50% off purchase of your Distributors
        You earn 10%

#9 - You also get paid on the 50% off purchase of your Distributor's Distributors
        You earn 5%

Please refer to the website for more detail

( Make a Sign)
Disclaimer: The earnings or potential earnings or any AmazinGrape
member is not a necessarily representative of any income, if any,
that AmazinGrape members can or will earn through participation
of the AmazingGrape compensation plan. These income discussions
should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual
earnings or profits. Instead, it's and idea for what could be possible.
Success of AmazinGrape occurs only from successful sales efforts,
which require hard work and efforts, dedication and leadership.
Your success will depend on how effectively you exercise these qualities.
AmazinGrape is not a get rich quick program
and building a solid income won't happen overnight .

We are going to Partner with you and show you how to build a
strong solid business that can last for years and years!
You can grow whatever income you desire.

As we grow and become a household name. Just imagine
what that can do for you business.

How BIG is "YOUR Vision"?

Imagine have a business that can grow all over the United States.

Don't forget about the home office deductions that you can receive
the moment you start a home-based business
Contact us today!
Get with the person who invited you.
Become an AmazinGrape Distributor Today!
Whether you're looking for a full-time career or just some extra money
AmazinGrape could be the perfect place for you!
In just a few minutes you can start your AmazinGrape Business
and in no time at all you'll, be sharing your website and earning commission checks

How do you get started?
You can start your Own AmazinGrape Business Today for only $33/m

Your mentor and the home office staff will be there to
support you every step of the way
Now if this opportunity is not for you ask for the website of the
person that sent you here look into the Health benefits of taking
the  AmazinGrape Product
Either way get back to the person that invited you and say...
"I'm ready to get started"!
and if so ...
Welcome to a AmazinGrape

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