Rawl Campbell : My blood sugar went from 143 to 100 with Amazin Grape


Rawl Cealia Campbell-Dunn

My blood sugar went from 143 to 100 with Amazin Grape

Amazin Grape Lowers Sugar Levels
Published on 2/27/2016

About a couple of days ago I wrote a press release about the business opportunity Amazin Grape. If you haven’t read it then please do. Today I’m going to present the product Amazin Grape made from the Muscadine grape and how Amazing it really is.



Approximately two weeks ago I was diagnosed as a new diabetic. My fasting sugars were 143 and they should be no higher than 100. Fasting sugars is when you don’t have anything to eat or drink for at least eight hours.This is why they want you to come in first thing in the morning so the fasting is done over night while you sleep.


The doctor prescribed Metformin, a common medicine prescribed to many type 2 diabetes patients. But I don’t particularly care for prescription drugs because of all the side effects and the additional problems they can cause on top of the problem you’re taking it for.


I had the prescription filled and I haven’t taken it as prescribed because it gives me headaches. So I went online to search for other all natural means to lower my sugar and I found that vinegar helps. For the last two weeks I’ve had vinegar in water in the morning before work and at night before I go to bed. This helped and brought my sugars sometimes in normal range and usually no higher than 125. This is good but not good enough.


Amazin Grape

Two days ago I received Amazin Grape in the mail.Forthe last two days I’ve taken one in the morning upon awakening and one when I return home from work. In that time my sugar levels have been normal. I wake up and my fasting sugar is below 100. I test an hour before I eat lunch and dinner and my sugars are below 100.



If you’re not interested in the business opportunity (and I hope you are) for Amazin Grape then you should at least look at it’s medicinal uses. It has also been suggested that it’s good for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease.

Be well, Everyone






Muscadine Research Link: https://muscadinehealthresearch.wordpress.com/muscadine-health-rese... 



Disclaimer: I make no medical claims. I present what I have found from the research and you decide. 

Amazin Grape Helped My Family

Published on 6/14/2016

For additional information 

Red Grapes

Amazin Grape is a wonderful business opportunity that is very easy and simple that anyone can do it. We have four easy steps and four east goals that can be duplicated without complication or some convoluted formula. But today instead of talking about the business opportunity I wanted to share with you what my family who use the product have told me about it.


My Mother

My mother is 76 years old and she suffers from borderline diabetes and swelling in her right foot. When she started taking Amazin Grape the swelling went down in her foot and the pain subsided. Her foot felt better than it has in the past and she was thrilled to be able to walk much easier.


My Sister

My sister wanted to take Amazin Grape because she did not want to be left out since our mother was taking it. She took it for ten days and was surprised at how well she feels and the energy she has. She also told me that it reduced the joint pain she was having. She wanted this continued well-being and joint pain relief so she text me asking for more.


My Cousin

My cousin also did not want to feel left out so she purchased it simply to find out what my mother and sister were talking about. Hers has not arrived yet but I’m excited to find out what her results will be and what she has to say about it.



Grapes have many medicinal purposes from lowering diabetes blood sugar, relieving joint pain, slow down the aging process, it aids in weight loss and it is reported to help fight against heart disease and Alzheimer’s



If you're not interested in the business opportunity then take a look at it for pure good health. Be well.

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