I am sending you this  simple overview because your were interested in starting a business.

Many people come to us from various backgrounds and skill-sets looking for a better way of life and
I am sure you have heard over and over the countless claims that each company was "THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY " with all types of promises.

They claim to have the best products
* The best leads
* The best products
* The best commission
* The Best Of Everything and on and on
* The business is on Auto-Pilot ... You don't have to do anything and make money

Well .... We Have All Heard The Dream Business where "Everyone Gets Rich"

Only to find that after starting that business we have landed into "A Nightmare or Lies and Deception".

Yes, we have all heard these lies and that is why we have chosen not to follow suit in that direction.

That is why we decided to do it differently. Some might say what we do is " STUPID"!

Because we are going to tell you why you would not want to work for us before we tell you why you should work for us.

Our Philosophy is Simple.
We believe if you can not handle the difficult parts of the business then you will not persist long enough to enjoy the rewarding and lucrative parts of the business.

We believe everything based on fantasy is short lived...
In other words if we can not sell it with "THE TRUTH" we will not sell it with "A LIE".

So, please listen carefully while I am telling you the things that you might not like.
First is " You have to deal with people" You have to talk, e-mail, chat with people.
This is a big one because you must be willing to ask them if they would be willing to listen to a presentation just like this and or watch a couple of videos.
So if you don't want to do that. "THIS BUSINESS IS NOT FOR YOU".

We ask everyone to work at least 3 to 5 hours a week and contact 3 to 10 people a week to send our video overview.

* This will include talking to your sponsor once a week and getting at least 30 minutes of training weekly.
So if you don't want to do that. "THIS BUSINESS IS NOT FOR YOU".

We are a Distributor Sales Organization.
This simply means that no one can get paid if there are "no sales".
You must commit to bringing on 2 or More Distributors in this business.
That means asking them to get started and getting a "YES" or "NO".
So if you don't want to do that. "THIS BUSINESS IS NOT FOR YOU".

We must also say that if you are a Grumpy or Depressed person.

If you a a person who can not follow directions and is always looking to join the next hottest new businesses each month.

You will be paid as a 1099 Independent contractor .
That is being a Business Owner.
The difference is that you will be in business for yourself but not by yourself.
We will be there to help you every step of the way.

This next one is the Big Misconception is that everyone you talk to is serious about changing their finances and is ready to get started on their goals for success.
Many people are just lazy and not motivated for success and will be a stumbling block to your success.
They will give you empty promises and sad stories.
If you can not handle (the word "NO") or that some people will just be wasting your time.

This is not a "Get Rich Quick Business".
You should be a able to change your finances if you follow simple instructions in 12 to 18 months to reach your goals.
So if you can to do that. "THIS BUSINESS IS FOR YOU".

You must go thru our training to find why some business models work and some do not.

So if you have not run away yet and still listening to this presentation we will now share with you the good things about the business.

We are a United States Business and has been in business more than 9 years.
We have a Simple Business Model which includes sending out a few videos and getting feedback then asking the person if they are Simply Ready To Get Started On Their Goals.

If they say "YES" we move forward if they say "NO" we thank them for their time and move on to those who are "Serious About Changing Their Finances".

You will be assigned a mentor to help you with your goals and you only need to complete" 4 STEPS FOR SUCCESS".

This is a recession proof business because everyone needs to ...

1) Save More Money,

2) Make More Money,

3) Obtain Debt Freedom and

4) Have Time Freedom.

We have the LARGEST COMPENSATION IN THE INDUSTRY. Everyone is paid in real dollars and do not have to jump thru hoops to get paid.

You do not have to be experienced in this industry but you must have a good work ethic and have a positive personality and have a BIG DESIRE to reach YOUR GOALS.

Review This Video : http://www.BYOB365.us

So, if this sounds like you.

Get Back To The Person Who Sent You This Presentation For Next Steps.
Thank you and we hope to see you in 12 to 18 months so you can share Your Success Stories.

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