Your objective is to have 3 people a week watch the video. ( Videos Listed)

Your objective is to have 3 people a week watch the video.
 It can be any video of your choosing but or is a good one.
Watch This Video - - CLICK HERE 2
Here are others 
6) - Muscadine Grape Resveratrol
7) Muscadine Grape - Barbara Walters
8)  Network Marketing - Robert Kiyosaki
9)  What is Network Marketing
10) Join AmazinGrape Today
11) AmazinGrape ... Join Our Business Today
12)  What is Muscadine Grape
13) The Mighty Muscadine Grape

  1. Hello I am looking to connect with a few sharp people who are open to opportunity. Can you watch a short 5 minute video? 
  2. You seem like a very sharp business minded person. I have just recently found a great opportunity can you watch a shout 5 minute video? 
  3. I'm excited about a company that I just got involved with and I want you to see why. Can you watch a short 5 minute  video?
Always end with... It's okay what you decide but let me know what you think. Let's talk in 15 minutes or 1 hour, ( Let's talk in 1 hour or in the morning) I will also send you my website. ( If they ask what is the name of the company; give them the name and that is it) That is why you are sending the video so they can get more information without you talking)
Follow up
Make sure you have a follow up time. ( Either or on a time. example; ( 15 minutes or 1 hour) )
I'm sure you liked "THE VIDEO" What did you like best about it? 
Listen for their response... Then say I would like to provide you some additional information because I would like for you to join MY TEAM. Ask them if they have any questions. At this point they should have "THE VIDEO" and Your Website.
If they have not watched the video when you connect back with them. Say, " When can you watch "THE VIDEO"
Again it is important to set up a time to follow up.
Remember you only need 2 or more people to join "YOUR TEAM"
Note : Always see if you can get them in touch with your upline 

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